Confidence Man | Visuals

“I don’t even know if we’re joking any more” – Janet Planet, Confidence Man

ConMan are the ultimate disruptors in pop music today. Sculpting the visual environment for their 2024 campaign was an immense privilege.

The groups’ anarchic and theatrical live performances needed to be matched with an identity that represented their bombastic individuality – a show that could somehow straddle being intensely serious and dangerously tongue in cheek simultaneously.

The visuals are a study in (mostly) controlled chaos; a complex layering of sometimes violently disparate elements and textures over time that feels homogenous yet inherently unpredictable in nature.

Taking their new album artwork as an original input source, we recreated these assets in a 3D world using Unreal Engine where different scenes could be explored using the same methodology that is regularly applied to video games. This background environment was then populated with a menagerie of 2D and 3D elements that oscillate and interact with each other, expanding and contracting in waves.

The theme of disruption felt important to match visually. Several elements of the visuals were extracted and rendered out through bespoke circuit-bent hardware to add glitchy, hyper colour textures which could then be fed back into the 3D world as an input source.

The end result is a genuinely idiosyncratic visual experience. One that surprises and confounds at every juncture.