HONNE | What Would You Do? UK Tour

HONNE have returned to 2022 with a brand new show!

We’ve been partnering with the duo to create and produce their live shows for several years, and to mark the new album cycle “Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?”, we had the privilege of designing and producing a brand new production.

The minimalist design creates a large single canvas for the band to perform on whilst offering a wide range of looks, colours, textures, and depth which compliment the flow of the performance.

Projected animations further enhanced the experience of the show by bringing characters and previous album artwork to life, all reimagined in the same animated style.

The show has already been seen as part of the band’s UK and US tours, with plans to take around the rest of the world in 2022 and 2023.

Show and production design: Zeal
Video animations: Holly Warburton
Tour management:
Chris Hamilton
Lighting and video supplier: Zeal
Audio supplier: SSE Audio
Trucking: Stagetruck
Photos: Luke Dyson

Management: Guillaume Pichois / Kayak Music

HONNE band: Amadu Koroma, Beka, Mo Sonson

HONNE touring team: Chris Hamilton, Chris Martin, Daniel Newcombe, Jake Humphries, Perusi Kakaire, Ralph Smart

Zeal creative and production team: Chris Little, Iain Wood, Jake Humphries, Jon Trincas, Josh Maxwell, Rich Parkes, Zak Norman