Neverland Illuminova | 2022

Introducing Illuminova

We created illuminova as a new breed of light trail.  A multi-sensory experience that immerses you in adventures, puts you at the heart of the stories, and lets you explore your imagination in a new environment.

With bespoke installations, originally composed music throughout, and large-scale interactivity, we wanted to create a light trail like no other.

And we couldn’t think of a more exciting way of introducing this new form of illuminated walk than with Neverland Illuminova, the illuminated nighttime adventure that never grows old.

Working with Wellington Country Park, we created a bespoke and ambitious experience that allowed guests of all ages to explore their imaginations by immersing themselves in magical light and interactive installations.

Neverland Illuminova 2022

For the inaugural event experience, you were taken on a journey through various zones, starting from a festive basecamp, all the way through to the ‘Imagination Lake’ finale, which featured a bespoke water-based projection, and told a story to encourage you to explore your curiosities and imagination.

Along this journey, you explored interactive areas which allow you to ‘Meet Your Shadow’, interact with giant boxes by hitting or beating them, and using your voice to bring a forest to life in vibrant colours.  Additionally, you had a chance to see Santa at his cabin, and see Wellington’s dinosaurs like never before.

Check out some of the shots from this year’s event below, and stay up to date with future Neverland Illuminova news by visiting the dedicated Instagram, Facebook, or website.

Base Camp

Neverland Express

Santa’s Cabin

Journey to Neverland

Arrival in Neverland

Meet Your Shadow

Stepping Stones

Beat Boxes

Be Brave

Whisper Woods

Rainbow Path

Imagination Lake