Neverland Illuminova | 2023

Presenting Neverland Illuminova

We created Neverland Illuminova in 2022 as a new breed of light trail. A multi-sensory experience designed to immerse visitors in adventure, places guests at the heart of the story and allows you to explore your imagination. 

Crafted with unique installations, an original musical composition weaving through the journey, and expansive interactivity, Neverland Illuminova redefines light trails. 

In 2023, we reintroduced it with an expanded route and even more cutting-edge technology.

In collaboration with Wellington Country Park, we designed and built a bespoke and ambitious experience, inviting guests of all ages to embark on a journey through their imagination, surrounded by enchanting lights and interactive installations.

The illuminated nighttime adventure that never grows old.

Neverland Illuminova, a light trail set in Wellington Country Park, invites guests to accompany Hope on a journey through the illuminated forest. Hope’s story is echoed as you make your way through the chapters, starting in basecamp and culminating in a finale at Imagination Lake.

We created Neverland Illuminova in 2022, and this year we brought it back for its second year, extending the trail and incorporating more immersive technology. This event serves as a showcase for our skills and imagination; everything from the concept, design, music, art, installations, and production is created and managed by us.

Upon entering basecamp, you embark on the initial leg of the journey – chapter one of the Neverland Illuminova story. Here, the narrative unfolds as background music and a soothing voiceover escort you through the enchanted forest, adorned with vibrant flowers, radiant birds, and a show-stopping moon that glows in the night.

As the journey continues, chapter two welcomes you to ‘Neverland.’ Giant letters brilliantly light up the trail, guiding you through an archway of mesmerising lights.

Release your inner child and let your imagination run wile in chapter three. Here, you will meet your shadow with multiple shadow screens, light up the dark using your hands to beat ‘drums’, and use your voice to bring the forest to life in vibrant colours.

After immersing yourself in vibrant colours and play, chapter four unfolds with the dramatic use of lasers and smoke, creating an atmosphere that heightens your senses and brings dinosaurs back to life.

Ultimately, the narrative concludes with a bespoke water-based projection at Imagination Lake.