Sub Focus | Circular Sound Wembley 2023

Following the premiere of Circular Sound in 2021, we had the pleasure to develop the production and visuals even further ready to take it into the iconic Wembley Arena.

The heart of the design remained the same but was expanded to fill the larger space.

A new set, new content

New music meant new content and programming.  We worked with Sub Focus and his team to provide visual direction and content for the new songs, as well as update the programming of lights, lasers, and kinesys moves for the 6 metre wide circle.

Creative Directors: Zeal
Production and Stage Design: Zeal
Programming and operating: Zeal
Content: Zeal and Boxcat
Tour and Production Management: Back On Your Heads
Lighting, rigging and video supplier: Coloursound
Lasers and SFX supplier: AC Lasers
Management: Worship
Photos: Sophie Harbinson